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The natural beauty of flowers and botanical materials evokes emotion
and symbolizes the beauty of life and love on any special day.

At Bloominess, my goal is to help you deepen your personal connections. Connections with those you love, and also with our beautiful mother earth. I would be honored to help you with your floral needs, emotional expression, and overall vision ― creating a story fitting for a special day.


• Brighten up a space

• Create a memorable event

• Celebrate an occasion

• Indulge yourself

• Send love

• Show appreciation

To make someone feel special!

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One-time custom arrangements

Artistic Floral Creations for anything you can dream up! No specific ideas? I can help with that too!

Bloominess welcomes all inquiries and requests. One-time orders can be just what someone needs. I truly enjoy doing custom designs. This could include anything from graduation leis, to centerpieces, to holiday arrangements, to corsages, to flower crowns. Let me know what it is you want and I can help you create it. Please contact me if you have questions and would like more information. Delivery is available. I want to make this easy for you!

Bloominess Delivery

My home studio is located in the East Bay, in Castro Valley. Deliveries can be made within the San Francisco Bay Area.


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Bloominess Event AND Wedding Florals 

Artistic Floral Creations for any occasion!

Each event is a unique experience with its own theme. Floral designs enhance the setting with natural beauty and artistry that compliment the hosts, make guests feel special, and create a lasting impression. Bloominess welcomes the special opportunity to custom-design something wonderful for your next event.


There are many factors that go into pricing bouquets, arrangements, and floral art. Pricing depends on the amount and type of flowers, labor involved, how many pieces you need to have created. Pricing also depends on the size of arrangements and the containers used, plus any cost for arches and bases the flowers will be applied to. I will strive to help you see where you can save money and what elements might be worth extra. Please inquire for a custom quote specific to your needs.

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As a general guideline, event florals begin at approximately $1,000
and the following are expected ranges

• Bridal bouquet: $150–$350

• Bridesmaids’ bouquet: $65–$125

• Boutonnieres: $20–$30

• Corsages $40–$60

• Flower crown $45–$125

• Low centerpieces $65–$150

• Tall centerpieces $150–$350

• Reception flowers $75–$250

• Flower girl petals $65 per bag

• Delivery and Installation fees vary

• Arrangement next to sign-in book $150–$250

• Head table centerpiece $65–$150

• Sweetheart table garland $12–$45 per ft

• Guest table centerpiece $75–$400

• Cake flowers $25–$150


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Bloominess Floral SubscriptioNs

Want to delight someone with the beauty of natural flowers on a regular basis? Need some self-love in your life? Does the office need some cheering up?

I offer a convenient way to receive fresh flowers, delivery included.
Consider joining one of our Bloominess Subscriptions. 

Option 1
Blooming Design Delivered!

Receive love-filled artistic floral design ready to be enjoyed.

Your special arrangement will include:


• Fresh complementary blooms
• Beautiful greens and foliage
• A vase or vessel


You won’t have to do anything except to put it in the perfect spot and enjoy!
Delivery will automatically happen at the start of each week or month.




Monthly Blooming Arrangement

Basic: $35/mo

Grand: $65/mo

Deluxe: $95/mo

Weekly  Blooming Arrangement (Save $20 a month)

Basic: $30/wk

Grand: $60/wk

Deluxe: $90/wk



Option 2
Blooming Design Kit Delivered!

Weekly or monthly, you’ll receive a harmonious do-it-yourself blooms kit that includes:


• Fresh complementary blooms
• Beautiful greens and foliage
• A vase or vessel


With this fun option, YOU get to be the floral designer
and create an arrangement that’s sure to wow your friends and family!



Monthly DIY Blooms Kit

Basic: $25/mo

Grand: $45/mo

Deluxe: $75/mo

Weekly DIY Blooms Kit (Save $20 a month)

Basic: $20/wk

Grand: $40/wk

Deluxe: $70/wk



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